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January, 2021


Dear Camp Shout Out Families, Campers, Trainees, and Staff:


Camp Shout Out aims to enthusiastically welcome campers and workshop attendees in August of 2021, our leadership team is working daily to prepare for our 11th session. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, while news of treatments and vaccines turn positive, there is no effective way to predict what summer will look like across the world. At Camp Shout Out, we are certain that the need for camp and all the experiences it brings, has never been greater.

It is our goal that CSO is able to operate as normally as possible, however, we fully recognize that coronavirus mitigation will likely require significant health and safety measures for our participants.  We remain hopeful but realistic as we continue to track national and state guidelines, consult with medical professionals, and develop plans and protocols with the latest recommendations. The safety, health, and well-being of members of our camp community remains our top priority and continues to drive our decisions.


With Kindness and Positivity,

Kristin Chmela

Julie Raynor

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