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Diane Morean, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Diane undertook a career in speech language pathology because she believes communication is fundamental to our human identity and to our core need for relationships.  

Diane earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis on neuropsychology plus a Minor in Spanish at Florida Atlantic University, where she graduated summa cum laude, received the top university scholar award, and top honor’s student awards in Psychology, Language Arts, and Public Speaking.  Diane earned her Ph.D. in communication disorders with certification in cognitive neuroscience at Northwestern University and worked extensively with individuals who have aphasia. She was subsequently awarded a postdoctoral fellowship to study Advanced Research in the Rehabilitation of Neurological Speech Disorders at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.  During that time, she earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Investigation, secured grant funding for her research on word retrieval and cognitive deficits following chemotherapy for breast cancer, and produced an approved Continuing Education class for health care professionals. Diane is lead author of peer-reviewed journal articles on language and cognitive disorders and has articles in preparation. She has taught Neurology, Stuttering, and Research Methods to graduate students, and, Medical Speech Pathology and Phonological Disorders in Children to undergraduate students.  She presently serves as an advisor on a Master’s thesis addressing cognitive and language deficits in children treated for brain tumors.

Diane is a certified Speech Language Pathologist, and a member of ASHA and the American Psychological Association.  She is ever grateful for the happiness in her heart derived from working at these very special places, the Chmela Communication Center and Camp Shout Out!  

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