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Michael Sugarman - Board Member

Michael Sugarman, Co-founder of the National Stuttering Association in 1977, served as Executive Director 1978 - 1981 and 1995 -1997.  He served on the Board and as Chair of International Stuttering Association 2007-2016.  Coordinated International Stuttering Awareness Day activities 1998 - 2015.  Michael also wrote Peer Counseling and Self Help Group Facilitation for People who Stutter in 1996 and various articles on how people change and peer support. As a Medical AIDS Social Worker, Michael integrated People living with AIDS as peer support into an AIDS clinic in the 1990s.  Most recently, he trained People Who Stutter as Peer Counselors for Stamily in 2021.  He is honored by the American Speech Hearing Association, International Fluency Association, National Stuttering Association, International Stuttering Association and Stutterers Hall of Fame.

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